Absolute plane


On one side of Vaikuntha is the loka of Rudra, and on the other side is the loka of Brahma, forming the triad of Brahma, Vishnu, and Shiva in the middle of the game board, in the topmost row. This plane is higher than manifestation: the seven major and other minor planes mentioned and not mentioned on the game board. The predominant element is again mahat. Those who have established themselves in the truth dwell here without fear of going through karmic roles again, while those who practice mercy also reach the plane of Brahma, the Creator, and dwell there fearlessly.

Brahma is the creator of phenomenal existence. He is the active principle of noumenon, the force that energizes consciousness into the countless patterns and forms. His abode is Brahma-loka. The player landing here merges with this Absolute, this subtle principle. Brahma is the cosmic organizer who decrees the laws of form.

Though situated immediately adjacent to Cosmic Consciousness in the eighth row of the game, Brahma cannot liberate the player. Play must go on. Brahma decrees the form of the game, but there is more to the game than form. Truth alone can liberate the player. The three gunas await the player, and the serpent tamoguna must eventually take the player back to earth, the mother. He goes back to the sixth chakra, but not without the insight into the principles of the game that he attained in Brahma-loka. This insight can help him to his goal, and on earth spiritual devotion waits one throw of the die away.

Here's an artwork depicting Brahma-loka, the absolute plane in spiritual cosmology. The scene represents Brahma-loka as a sublime and celestial realm, visualized as more ethereal and transcendent than the material world. It captures the essence of mahat, symbolizing truth and the absence of fear. Subtle visual cues suggest Brahma's role as the cosmic organizer, decreeing the laws of form. The artwork is designed to evoke a sense of sublime tranquility and profound spiritual insight, with ethereal landscapes and celestial motifs, embodying the place of fearlessness, truth, and insight, where one merges with the Absolute. Enjoy this representation of profound spiritual dimensions.