Birth is entry into the karmic play. The die is the karmic player, and the individual self a symbol that moves from house to house, wherever the die determines. Before taking birth one is beyond the game. Once birth is taken, one is bound by the law of karma. This world is karmaland.

Desire leads the player to accept the bondage of karma. If one has no desire to play, one will not be attracted toward the game. But play is in the nature of consciousness. In the beginning there was no play; but the playful nature of consciousness could not remain motionless, without playing. So . . . “Let there be light." Let there be play. The Absolute became many from One, to play the game.

When the player decides to enter the game he is re-enacting the primordial creation, when the Absolute stirred from inaction and began the macrocosmic play in which we are all but microcosms. Once the decision to play is made, the player must abide by the rules (dharma), the bondage of the karma die.

It is here that the player first enters into the game after throwing a six. When the five subtle elements (ether, air, fire, water, and earth) and one consciousness unite, these six initiate the movement of the players symbol across the board. Each birth is the opening of a new game, and the object of attainment in each game is the same Cosmic Consciousness. There is no other directive, no other goal, no other purpose in playing the game. The game is just to complete the cycle. Birth is the key. It opens the doors of the game, and the player begins to vibrate as he starts on the eternal voyage, his journey toward completion.

One is the unity responsible for all manifestation. Like all odd numbers it belongs to the sun family. One especially denotes the sun, which is the unity responsible for the birth of this planet. One represents independent personality, independent decision, independent life, the search for something new, novelty, originality.

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