Plane of sanctity



The player who lands on the plane of sanctity experiences divine grace through the understanding and knowledge of cosmic principles. Sanctity is a direct result of good tendencies. It is the fourth-chakra feeling of oneness with the presence of Divinity, and the ability to perceive the divine grace in all existence. This oneness passes beyond mere intellectual understanding and becomes an actual part of daily life.

Yakshas were celestial beings who dwelt in heaven. According to Hindu cosmology, creation is divided into seven classes of being: devas, yakshas (or kinnaras), gandharvas, manushyas, asuras (or rakshas), bhootas, and pishachas. Pishachas represent the lowest type of consciousness, the essence of which is meanness and violence. Next are the bhootas, or ghosts. These are disincarnate beings unable to detach from the plane of earthly existence, living in the past. Then come the asuras, beings who do not believe in a code of ethical conduct and who live in search of sensual gratification — wine, women, and song. Then come the manushyas, who believe in the law of karma and responsibility for the consequences of their actions. Manushyas are aware of the future and of the nature of liberation. This is the plane of human existence. Then come the gandharvas, who are consciousness devoted to the service of the gods and living in harmony with the divine music. Gandharvas dedicate their existence to elevating people through sound and music. Then comes the class of yakshas, a kind of consciousness grounded in the knowledge and understanding of cosmic principles and direct experience of the divine grace. Lastly are the devas, the pure energy forms of the gods themselves.

When the player lands in yaksha-loka, questions about the nature of divine existence draw his attention. He seeks to find the links between the divine and his daily life. Only on reaching the fourth chakra is the Divinity reached on an experiential level. Before then, it has been but an abstract concept. This curiosity about the Divine and its presence in all existence, this desire to confront reality, becomes the essence of the player.