(saman paap)


When the player has risen above the press of material and sensual desires, he gains the awareness that in the course of gratifying his lower needs he has caused harm to others. He has acted blindly in his search for fulfillment, without awareness of the consequences of his actions. When he lands on the plane of atonement he sees that by the use of wrong actions and wrong means he has created wrong vibrations within himself, which prevent the attainment of inner peace.

In search of that inner peace he lands in atonement to make up for the wrongs he has done, to make up for errors in conduct, to atone for his follies. It is a time of great emotional turmoil. There is a keen and pressing desire to rectify the negative karmas, the vices he has entertained.

Atonement is also the square for second-chakra personalities who have landed in the third chakra and feel guilty for their inability to adjust to vibrating at a higher level. In both cases, atonement produces positive results and helps in the upward flow of energy. The player atones by following the law of dharma, which is the true nature of everything. Atonement puts one in tune with dharma—which is the next square of the game.