Plane of primal vibrations


Om is the one sound present throughout the universe, manifest and unmanifest. It is the subtlest form in which energy exists. Omkar is the plane of the vibrations that produce this cosmic sound by remaining true to their dharma. The player who lands here discovers Om as the true sound of all being.

In the beginning there was sound, the Word. And the Word was with God and was God. This same sound can be realized by the player who abandons the trap of desires, which is mind, and meditates while creating sound with his body.

Om is the basis of all knowledge, all poetry, all the fine arts. Centering on Om opens to the player all the vast resources within himself, which were blocked out before by lower-chakra maya.

This same sound is also a great device for relieving tension. It is a sound used by every player consciously or unconsciously. For Om is the sound of humming. Everybody hums. Poets and composers, especially, make use of this sound to inspire creativity.

Om is at once Creator, Preserver, and Destroyer — the three aspects of Divinity. If the player finds himself associated with a disturbing element in his environment and wants to align himself with the harmonic rhythms of the planet, all he need do is start humming. The process makes him introverted, turning inward to unearth the vast treasures buried in the depths of consciousness, chitta.

If poets and composers vibrate in the lower chakras, their humming brings forth works that relate to that level of vibration. If they vibrate higher, their works relate to that higher plane. The Hindus believe that all the Vedas came out of Om. And it is clear that the Vedas were written by saints and seers who were also poets and composers already vibrating on high planes, for their work is the highest form of poetry, touched with the spark of the Divine.

The player who lands in Omkar has realized the need for creating calm in his life, for simplifying his existence. Worldly distractions have kept him away from Om and the cosmic wisdom it unearths. With the simplification of his existence, each action performed is performed consciously. The player ceases to be a slave of habit. As his being becomes more finely attuned to reality, he literally hums.

The humming process is Om-ing. This same sound appears in discussion when one affirms one is paying attention to the speaker. One makes a humming sound—Hmm or Ah. In the form of a sigh, Om relieves both pain and tension, and changes the body chemistry by driving out bad chemicals.

Humming vibrates the whole system, but most especially the top of the head — the seventh chakra. In the sixth chakra Om was the sound for meditation, for bringing the player into contact with reality. Here in the seventh chakra, Om is realized — a fact of existence.

The Vedic claim that Om enables the player to discover knowledge never present in his embodied life experience was confirmed in a study at the University of Saskatchewan. A group of 200 students chanted Om while trying to discover the answer to a question that none in the group knew. At the end of less than an hour of chanting, one in ten had uncovered the answer from the storehouse of cosmic knowledge that 0m unlocks.