A balance in body chemistry and psychic phenomena: that is happiness. Sukh, happiness, is a state the player attains through vivek, conscience, or by chanting Om, achieving samadhi and maintaining a positive intellect.

Sukh comes to the player when his conscience tells him that he is very near his goal, giving him the certainty that he is nearing liberation. The feeling he experiences is ineffable, beyond the power of words to describe. He feels the happiness of the river merging for the last time with the ocean after a thousand-mile journey, a feeling of merging with his source.

If in his state of happiness the player does not neglect his karmas and become lazy and inactive, there is a real chance of attaining Cosmic Consciousness within his lifetime. But if he is overwhelmed with the experience of happiness and fails to act, sensing his mission complete, the snake of tamas lurks just beside him, to swallow him and drain his energies back to the first chakra.

The game tells us he still needs a six to reach his goal, just as he needed six to take birth. But if he becomes lazy, if he feels there is nothing left for him to do, there lurk tamas and illusion.

True happiness is for the player who maintains his balance as he nears his goal. The game is important in its totality. His stable intellect enables him to discern patterns of flow, the current of dharma. He accepts whatever life presents to him. There is nothing he rejects. Even if he reaches the eighth plane and must come back again to earth, he feels the happiness that comes with knowing there is a goal that can be reached.