Right knowledge



Whereas gyana is awareness of truth, right knowledge incorporates behavior (practice) with awareness, a combination that lifts the player to the eighth plane and the plane of cosmic good. He is now one square away from his goal. He attains the realization that he is a microcosm of the universe, an ocean in the form of a drop.

According to Hindu tradition there are fourteen vidyas, spokes on the wheel of truth. These fourteen are the dimensions of knowledge and contain all that is required for man to know and understand reality. These are the four vedas, six shastras, dharma, nyaia (logic), mimansa (critical understanding), and the Puranas. In an industrial society, however, knowledge has assumed a new guise. Now what is called knowledge has been reduced to the level of information, capable of being programmed into a computer. But human consciousness is more than a computer. Right knowledge requires experience.

Right knowledge adds to gyana a new dimension, the realization that past, present, and future are one; they are aspects of a single continuum. While wisdom can dictate one course of action, right knowledge can demand its opposite. Out of wisdom the disciples renounced Christ. Out of right knowledge Christ allowed his own death — knowing that subtle principles always outweigh the value of material forms.

Right knowledge is the food of consciousness and saves it from the snakes of irreligiosity, sorrow, jealousy, envy, ignorance, violence, egotism, tamas, and the inert negative intellect. Right knowledge strengthens the inner voice. Suvidya tames the tiger of the mind and converts the forest of desires into a garden of interpersonal evolution.

Vidya comes from the root vid, meaning to know. The most ancient form of knowing was the state of samadhi, in which the answer is obtained by undergoing a direct experience of reality. Thus all Hindu knowledge is known as darhan, meaning to see or to experience. Knowing is becoming one with the object to be known. This is vidya, right knowledge.

With right knowledge comes the end of the fifth chakra, the fifth row of the game. The minute the player attains a full realization of the oneness of himself and the cosmos, he becomes one with the ultimate reality and reaches the plane of Rudra (Shiva), cosmic good.