Lunar plane

(Ganges or Ganga)


The player who lands in Ganga finds himself at the source of magnetic female energy. He experiences the nerve ida nadi, located on the left side of his spinal column. Ida nadi is the source of the body’s nourishment, attributable to its feminine (nutritive) nature. The female is magnetic, attractive; the male is electric, forceful.

The magnetic energy in man is closely related to psychic energy. The player who generates more psychic energy automatically develops a personal magnetism, which attracts to him those capable of being magnetized. Magnetism is actually a balance of polarity. Magnetic power is created by the interaction of the north and south poles of any substance capable of holding energy. The flow of energy from one pole to the other encounters no obstructions, and a magnetic field forms. In the same manner, an unobstructed flow of psychic energy becomes possible when meditation is practiced during those times when the left nostril, the moon nostril, is operating.

Through meditation the player lands on the lunar plane. Here he gains understanding of the female principle. He learns that a high tide in human emotions is reached on the night of the full moon, just as the ocean's tides reach their peak during the full moon. Both are the effects of the magnetism of the moon working on the planet.

Though the word lunacy was coined to note the relationship between lunar cycles and madness, the player who lands on the lunar plane of the sixth chakra need have no fears. At this level all energy is one, and female energy ceases to become destructive and becomes one of the most constructive squares of the game board. The left (lunar) nostril benefits not only meditation but music; dancing; enjoyment of poetry; removal of sorrow, pain, and depression; and restoration of consciousness. Ida nadi leads the player to the lunar plane, the plane of devotion and receptivity.

As a general rule, the left nostril should operate during the day and the right at night. The moon is needed during the day to compensate for the predominance of solar energy; and the sun nostril to compensate for moon predominance at night. This is the yoga of nostril breathing.