Those karmas that raise the vibrational level are known as virtues; those that lower it are vices. Charity is a human virtue that exists on the third-chakra level. It lifts the player above the problems of the third chakra and transports him to the fourth level of the game, the plane of balance.

As a virtue, charity is a manifestation of the Divinity, which is the essence of consciousness. When the player lands on this square, he identifies with the Divinity — present in all — and performs acts of charity without desiring any personal benefit from his karma.

A feeling of elation is experienced during the performance of the act of charity. This is the raising of energy from a lower level to a higher one. That is why all human religions have stressed the significance of charity and included charitable acts in their rituals. The reality of need and the desire to share are the two factors at work at the base of the game. Charity satisfies the developing ego and breaks the bondage of third chakra.

Charity is one of the most important pillars of the plane of karma. It is the motivating force behind man’s highest institutionalized activities — the mergence of compassion with the third-chakra penchant for organization.