Astral plane



Bhuvar-loka, the plane next to the physical plane, is closely related to it but composed of finer matter. We have already explained (in the description of bhu-loka, the fifth square of the first row of the game board) the presence of seven lokas and have explained that each loka is a state of being in the process of inner growth, the grossest being the physical plane (bhu-loka). In bhuvar-loka the water element is predominant, as it is in the second chakra. As the second chakra is situated in the spine adjacent to the first chakra, so is the astral plane directly above the physical plane in the spine of the game board.

This is the plane of dreams and fantasy, where the human imagination begins to soar. The player who lands here becomes aware of the immense diversity of the phenomenal world. The world literally comes alive with possibilities. There are so many things he can be, so many goals he can pursue. This awareness of possibilities creates excitement, and he begins to take a more active interest in life. He has met his survival needs, and now he sees that there is far more to life than he could ever have imagined while he was still worried about where his next meal would come from.

Now he is materially secure, and his success is assured. And with this surge of self-reliance his creative imagination takes flight. But fantasies consume more energy than any other human activity. The player diverts his entire energy resources to building castles in the air. He strives to get away from the physical world through the pursuit of enjoyment, pleasure, and identification with others. Enjoyment of the sensory organs is the impelling force of his life so long as he vibrates here. This is the plane of wine, women, and song. Sexuality becomes a primary means of selfexpression — which can be a tremendous drain on the vital energies.

The player dwells in the worlds of feeling, emotion, idea, and meaning and uses them as the basis of his fantasies. Thus the second chakra is the starring point of all the creative arts. Fantasy is the power behind creativity.

The astral plane is the dimension of psychic space midway between heaven and earth. The player has dwelt on the lower levels, and his imagination brings the possibility of heaven within reach. The danger is that he may let himself be carried away by his fantasies, which drain his energy and leave him exhausted.