Negative intellect



If the player does not follow the law of dharma, doubting the cosmic nature of existence and the divine presence in his every experience, he is caught by the snake of negative intellect and brought down to nullity.

He can neither relate to the lower planes nor call on dharma for help. He has to pass through all the second-chakra planes of vibration unless the arrows of mercy or charity intervene. Unless he gets the aid of the arrows he must atone for his negativity and find dharma again, or else chart an entirely new course of action.

Buddhi is at once a great trap and a great tool for liberation. As subuddhi it is a tool in the service of liberation. So durbuddhi is a downward spiraling vortex, which sucks the psychic energy back into the plane of the imagination.

Durbuddhi represents the negative valuations in the player that cause him to shut out possibilities. In order to reach his goal, the player must be able to accept whatever the world presents to him. If he denies any aspect, if he doubts the presence of God in any single object, he denies God. For the Divine is reality. All is the manifestation of the One. Durbuddhi is negation, negation of the Divine. This is why the player who comes here dwells in nullity. All his energies drained in his denial of God, he finds himself in futility. Until he can accept what he has denied, until he finds dharma again, he has no hope of liberation.

Bur nullity is a transient state. Cosmic Consciousness is the only absolute. And if the player reaches the seventh chakra again, his forced banishment to nullity can provide the insight necessary to maintain positive intellect and avoid the jaws of this serpent.