Plane of inner space



After crossing the seventh row of the game and realizing the existence of prakriti, the player begins to merge into the source of phenomena, the great unenergized consciousness. At the moment of mergence all duality ceases. The player receives the pure experience of his own vast dimensions, the infinite space that lies within the Self.

Ur means the feeling self. Ant means end. Uranta-loka is the place where the feeling self ends, where all sense of separation ends. The player experiences the unfathomable depths within his own self. He finds the evolution and dissolution of all creation within the space of a single breath. He sees that all barriers are illusory. He has understood the nature of prakriti and realized the oneness that lies behind all manifestation. Now he is merging with that oneness.

Here there are no feelings. The witness-self has become fully realized. There is no good or bad, no vice or virtue. The player is a clear lens, allowing the passage of all light without restriction.

A description of uranta-loka can be found in the Puranas or Samhitas, works penned by seers and saints who experienced this space. They vividly described the cosmic knowledge that flowed through them. They became lenses of the lamp of pure knowledge, holding on to nothing, understanding everything.



An artwork depicting the plane of inner space (uranta-loka). The scene symbolizes the merging into the great unenergized consciousness, capturing the vast dimensions and infinite space within the Self. The artwork emphasizes the transcendence of duality and the sense of oneness, using ethereal forms, abstract patterns, and a color palette that evokes depth and serenity. It portrays the evolution and dissolution of creation and the clarity of a fully realized witness-self, visually representing spiritual unity and insight. Enjoy this representation of profound spiritual depth and unity.



Uranta-loka, where feelings take flight,
Merging with source, bathed in eternal light.
Duality fades, a wondrous embrace,
The vast inner space, a boundless expanse.

Self unfolds deep, dimensions unknown,
A single breath holds creation's own.
Barriers dissolve, a truth now confessed,
Oneness revealed, a universe at rest.

Witness awakes, no judgment takes hold,
Pure knowing expands, a mystery unfolds.
Light streams within, a radiant flow,
Seers' whispers echo, the wisdom they sow.

Uranta's embrace, a journey complete,
The dance of existence, at the Self's sacred seat.