Plane of reality



Satya-loka is the last plane of the seven main lokas seated in the spine of the game board. In satya-loka, akash tattva predominates: the player here attains the Shabd-Brahman world and is on the verge of liberation from the cycle of births and rebirths. He has reached the highest plane, beyond which lies the vaikuntha, the abode of Cosmic Consciousness. This loka does not perish at the night of Brahma, the Creator. Shabda is the word, the aum, which is itself Brahman (Absolute Reality, Cosmic Consciousness). Shabd Brahman is the plane of primal vibrations — Omkar. After passing through the plane of primal vibrations the player is able to establish himself in reality.

Satya is truth, reality, God. Here the player reaches his highest chakra and becomes reality, realized. Before this level the game is all a process of evolving toward this nature, his own true reality. The player who reaches here attains harmony, a balance with the forces of the cosmos. There are no obstructions to the flow of his energy.

It is here that the player becomes satchitananda (sat = truth; chit = being; ananda = bliss). He realizes that bliss is the truth of being. He stays in the state of samadhi as a drop rests in the ocean. He dwells in an ocean of bliss. His presence becomes divine, and he confers grace on other players.

Even here the player is not liberated. There are three snakes in the seventh row of the game. The first is egotism. The second is negative intellect. The third is tamas. By reaching the plane of reality the player has escaped one of these snakes, but two are left to contest his quest for liberation. If doubt or laziness remains, the snakes will pull him down.

But it the player stays in positive intellect, and his karma die leads him successfully past the snake of tamas, there remain happiness and the planes of the eighth row — and Cosmic Consciousness. He is aware of the dangers he faces, and he knows he must still perform right karmas to attain his goal. This is his realization on the plane of Reality. He realizes that not simply by vibrating in the seventh chakra will he attain Cosmic Consciousness. There are more karmas, more tests. There are no more arrows ahead of him, no more sudden upward movements of energy. He has to make his way according to his karmas.

This artwork beautifully captures the state of Reality (satya-loka), symbolizing the pinnacle of spiritual evolution within a cosmic context. The scene embodies the essence of satya-loka, where the element of akash (ether) predominates, reflecting the player's journey towards liberation from the cycle of births and rebirths.

Central to the artwork is the depiction of the Shabd-Brahman world, the realm of primal vibrations, and the presence of Cosmic Consciousness. The figure in the composition embodies the player who has reached the highest plane of spiritual attainment. This figure is shown in a state of profound harmony with cosmic forces, symbolizing their complete alignment with ultimate reality.

The colors and composition of the artwork evoke a deep sense of truth, reality, and divine presence, effectively reflecting the state of satchitananda (truth, being, bliss). This imagery represents the player's journey towards samadhi, symbolizing a state of dwelling in an ocean of bliss while remaining aware of the ongoing challenges on the path to ultimate liberation.

The artwork conveys the player's realization that despite nearing Cosmic Consciousness, the journey is not yet complete. More karmas and tests await, highlighting the ongoing nature of the spiritual journey and the necessity to navigate through karmic challenges. The visual representation captures the essence of the player's realization on the plane of Reality, emphasizing the continuous path towards spiritual enlightenment.


Satya (Truth)

Satya-loka, final climb, the spine's last sacred plane,
Akash tattva, space sublime, where Shabd-Brahman reigns.

The word, the sound, the primal hum, the Om that sets us free,
Beyond the cycle, overcome, a glimpse of what will be.

Highest peak, a boundless view, the veil of Maya thin,
Satya's light shines ever true, reality within.

No longer seeking, but become, a being of pure light,
Harmony that cosmos brings, when the flow is right.