Gaseous plane



Vayu-loka (literally, “the plane of air”) is located in the region of satyaloka, the plane of reality, in the seventh row of the game board. This vayu is not the same wind or air as found on the physical or earth plane. It is the essence of the physical element air.

Marut is the ruler of this plane. He is also synonymous with Indra, the lord of Heaven (Indra is one who has obtained supremacy over his sensual nature). Vayu-loka is a plane where the player becomes a current of energy along which the whole atmosphere moves, obtaining supremacy over mass and weight. Those who dwell in this region are enlightened souls with a light body who have not yet reached the satya-loka, the plane of reality.

The player who lands in vayu-loka has made his passage through Omkar and achieved, through his karmas, higher vibrational patterns. Maruts are friends and brothers of Indra, controlling the atmosphere of the physical plane. They bring rain and fill the earth with the vital life-force. They become pranic energy on the physical plane and the lifebreath of breathing souls. Air is synonymous with movement, inside and outside the body. All movements of fluids inside living organisms are due to air. Air is essential to life, and each and every cell has a vacuole (an air space). Air is thus present everywhere. The dweller in vayu-loka, being the life-force, life-breath, has the same quality as was found in the sixth chakra: his presence can be felt anywhere, or in several places simultaneously. He can now dissolve the essence of his being, the ego, assume a gaseous form, and float in the gaseous plane.

In the sixth chakra came the liquid plane, but liquid still has a form. Gas, however, has no definite form at all. Liquid contains both mass and weight; gas does not. The player is no longer burdened but he has gained true freedom of action. He becomes weightless and formless.



This artwork beautifully represents the Gaseous Plane (vayu-loko), capturing the ethereal and spiritual nature of air. It portrays vayu-loko as a transcendent realm where enlightened souls transform into currents of energy, free from the constraints of mass and weight.

The scene is imbued with the central theme of air, depicted as synonymous with movement and an essential element of life, present in its most subtle and omnipresent form. This is visually expressed through the depiction of light bodies of enlightened souls in the region. These figures, not yet in satya-loka or the plane of reality, are shown as weightless and formless, symbolizing the ultimate freedom achieved in this plane.

The colors and composition of the artwork evoke a sense of etherealness and movement, illustrating the transcendence of physical limitations. It reflects the transformative journey of the player within the gaseous realm, symbolizing spiritual liberation and the release from physical constraints.

Overall, the artwork highlights the journey towards becoming weightless and formless, embodying true freedom and the highest form of spiritual enlightenment within the Gaseous Plane. It serves as a visual representation of the spiritual evolution that takes place in this unique and transcendent realm.


Vayu-loka, realm of air, not earthly winds that blow,
But essence pure, beyond compare, where life force starts to flow.

A vacuole, filled with prana, within each living cell,
A  sacred grace in a tiny airspace, connecting everything so well

Ego dissolves, a gaseous form, the formless takes its place,
Floating in an airy storm, with boundless, airy grace.

No longer bound by earthly ties, a weightless, boundless soul,
Vayu's wisdom brightly lies, a story to make whole.