Whatever exists in the phenomenal world is not reality. The objects of sense perception change with the passage of time, evolving, growing, and decaying. But these sense-objects give every appearance of being real. Man assigns value to the objective world and develops the desire for identification with these sense-objects. Vivek, conscience, is the power that saves him from falling back into the desire for attachment with the material. It is the players own voice of inner wisdom that enables him to differentiate the subtle from the gross, to perceive noumenon in phenomenon.

Vivek could come no earlier in the game. The first square of the sixth chakra, conscience follows the passage through right knowledge. If the player lands on the arrow of right knowledge he is immediately boosted to the plane of cosmic good. Otherwise he has to rake the help of his conscience in determining the course of play.

The basic elements of the phenomenal world are found up to the fifth chakra. These are the building blocks of gross manifestation. The presence of these elements influences the player’s pattern of vibration as long as he operates from those chakras. But the sixth chakra is beyond the elements. Manifested maya now has little effect on consciousness.

When the player lands on the square of conscience he is immediately transported to happiness, a happiness that is possible only in the seventh chakra. In the seventh chakra the player is beyond all violence, which is cause for true happiness. But this is the sixth chakra, and here conscience is important. The sixth chakra has traditionally been called the third eye. Conscience is the third eye. Our two eyes see only that which exists — what was in the past, and what is in the present. But the third eye gives the power to discern future possibilities in the game, and that is one of the assets of the sixth chakra: insight into the future. This is no fantasy, but the direct perception of what will be.

Conscience is not something we grow in the course of a single, fleeting (by cosmic standards) lifetime. It contains the insights of the race in the form of the collective unconscious. The player has at his disposal a reservoir of experience within himself, which is now at the level of conscious awareness.

Conscience is the teacher that sits at the top of every player’s head — the seventh chakra — guiding him throughout his life. The player can avoid social and political laws, but escape from the voice of conscience is ultimately impossible.

Before the player reaches the sixth chakra the notion of conscience makes little sense. But passage through the sixth chakra is determined by the fall of the karma die and the promptings of the inner voice of vivek.

This artwork powerfully captures the concept of 'Conscience' (vivek) within a spiritual framework. At the heart of the scene is a figure representing an individual guided by vivek, the inner voice of wisdom. This person symbolizes the transformative journey from attachment to material desires towards the realization of inner truth, guided by an enlightened conscience.

The background integrates elements representing the first five chakras, signifying the building blocks of gross manifestation in the material world. These elements provide a stark contrast to the elevated state of the sixth chakra, symbolizing a realm that transcends physical and material limitations.

A key feature of the composition is the depiction of vivek as a third eye, imbued with the power to perceive future possibilities and transcend the confines of the material world. This third eye represents the higher perspective and insight that conscience provides, allowing for a deep understanding of the underlying reality beyond mere appearances.

The colors and composition of the piece evoke a profound sense of enlightenment and inner peace, capturing the transformative power of conscience. The artwork reflects the spiritual awakening from material entanglement to a state of spiritual awareness and connection. It serves as a visual reminder of the higher perspective offered by an enlightened inner voice, leading towards spiritual liberation and understanding.