Birth of man



Passage through the plane of Agni prepared the player for assuming form. Manushya-janma heralds the assumption of form. Conceived in the second chakra, nurtured and nourished in the third, filled with human emotions in the fourth, he now takes birth.

This birth is never registered in courthouses and hospitals. Rather it is seen in those who encounter him, who afterwards say, “We saw a Man.” The player is now the son of nobody. Anyone could have been his father. He is the son of God only and belongs to no caste, creed, nation, or religion. He has no attachments and needs no identification papers or marks. He has found himself. Now he has taken birth. Now he can be felt. His presence is experienced strongly by those still taking birth. He has direct experience of truth, a face-to-face meeting with reality. He does not need to please anyone, because he has lost interest in cultivating a group of devotees and followers. He relates only with truth, and pleasing truth is his sole aim.

Man is a rational being. This faculty of reason helps him relate to the truth. One who lives out of harmony with the law of truth cannot be rightly called a man. He is some other creature in a human body, striving to take birth as a man.


This artwork vividly portrays the transformation and spiritual metamorphosis of a man, encapsulating the essence of 'Birth of Man' (manushya-janma). It focuses on the individual's profound journey from worldly identities to a state of pure consciousness and enlightenment. The man is depicted in a transformative phase, where visual elements signify his liberation from attachments to caste, creed, nation, or religion, and his emergence as a universal and spiritual being.

The ethereal and symbolic background accentuates the moment of spiritual awakening. The colors and composition dynamically reflect the transition from the ordinary to the extraordinary. This scene is a powerful representation of enlightenment and transcendence, capturing the realization of one's true self, free from worldly limitations and deeply connected with the universal truth.