True  awareness

(gyana; traditionally,jnana)


Knowledge of the right, and insight into the proper means of realizing the right in daily existence, are the two essential attributes of gyana. Gyana is an uplifting force, an arrow that takes the player to the eighth row and the plane of bliss, beyond the chakras. The player who understands his role in the game, and the nature of the course of action that will enable him to fulfill that role, lives in bliss.

The player realizes this wisdom only after the experience of clarity of consciousness. Only by suspending value judgments can the transmutation of energy that lifts him to the fifth chakra take place.

Gyana is not liberation. The player has yet to free himself from all those things that have clouded his mind. But he does know that the blocks can be removed, that Cosmic Consciousness is an attainable goal. Some Hindu philosophers see gyana as the direct path to moksha. Cosmic Consciousness. But in this game it leads to bliss. The player must still realize the plane of cosmic good and needs a throw of two to escape the cycle of rebirth. But there is nothing wrong. He can return to earth and play the game again.

Gyana then is awareness, not realization. Gyana is the understanding of the laws of existence and the awareness of a means to synchronize with them. The fourth chakra has already established balance; consciousness has been clarified. A true penetration into the world of concepts becomes possible. The player ceases to be attached to forms of expression and becomes drawn to the essence, the process of insight. Old relationships rake on entirely new perspectives when viewed through the clear light of unobstructed consciousness. The cause of bondage is maya. The cause of liberation from maya to bliss is gyana.

As long as the player identifies himself as an individual, independent being he has karmas, and this is the cause of bondage. Gyana makes it clear that by reducing the scope and area of karma he can begin to establish himself in bliss. This is insight into the game itself.

In the first three chakras the player has been lost in the realms of delusion, fantasy, and power, Each course of action that inspired hope in him left the player in the end tired and painful. Finally, in the fourth chakra, he began to establish a sense of balance within himself. Then, with clarity of consciousness, he waded into the upward flow of energy that lifted him from the fourth chakra into the fifth. With balance, he sees his goal as attainable and adjusts his life in accordance with his insight into the process of fulfillment.

Gyana is a blank page. Whatever is written on its surface is only the illusion of ahamkara, ego.*  Illusion is ever changing and thus is temporal. Only the page itself lasts, is a temporal. The page that remains after the writing has long since faded is gyana. This is the wisdom that makes the player understand the karmic writing on that blank page. To the degree the player desires, it is he who inscribes writing on his page. What gyana dictates is that it be kept intact, handed over as it was given.

Gyana is rightly placed in the fifth chakra, because here is the source of those billions of blank pages that are the essence of the world’s religious teachings. In the fifth chakra, communication with others becomes the main concern. The player seeks to convey the essence of his own insights into the game while simultaneously realizing the futility of the task.

''The wisest course of action, then, would have been to leave this square blank. But there is an arrow in it. And, of course, the author feels the bliss of the experience, and he really cannot help expression, just as God could not when he said, “Let there he light."



This artwork encapsulates the concept of "True Awareness" (Gyana), highlighting the journey towards bliss and cosmic wisdom. At its core, a figure represents the player who has reached a state of gyana, shown in profound insight and upliftment. This figure is enveloped by imagery that signifies the transmutation of energy leading to the fifth chakra, embodying the spiritual elevation associated with this state.

The background is rich with elements of enlightenment and cosmic understanding, like light beams and ethereal landscapes. These components, along with symbolic representations of the laws of existence, enhance the spiritual depth of the artwork. Visual metaphors such as a blank page or clear sky, symbolizing the suspension of value judgments, are seamlessly integrated, reflecting the player's journey beyond delusion and attachment.

The overall mood of the artwork is one of profound insight and spiritual elevation. It emphasizes the transition from clarity of consciousness to true awareness, and from maya to bliss, capturing the essence of gyana as an uplifting force. This artwork highlights the player's understanding of the laws of existence and their synchronization with cosmic principles, showcasing the transformative power of true awareness in the spiritual journey.


True Awareness

From clarity we rise, with gyana as our guide
True awareness blossoms, deep within resides
The right path and the means, a symphony in play
Unveiling hidden wisdom, leading us the way

From balance and from clarity, true awareness grows
The laws of life unveiled, where every secret flows
The world unfolds in essence, stripped of form and guise
Maya's hold diminished, with wisdom's open skies

Beyond the chakras, the plane of bliss awaits
The arrow of gyana, opens up the gates

True Awareness knows, True Awareness flows
The world unfolds in essence, stripped of form and guise
Maya's hold diminished, with wisdom's open skies