Clarity of consciousness



Clarity of consciousness is the light that illuminates the player on his passage out of the fourth row of the game and on to the fifth, the plane where man becomes Man. Swatch in Sanskrit means clear, pure, transparent. This transparency results from the purification of the opacities of bad karmas the player undergoes in purgatory.

Transparency offers no resistance to the passage of light. When doubts are clarified, the fog of blind intellect is dissolved to be replaced by the clear, strong light of inner feelings. The intellectual understanding, which dominates the consciousness up to the third chakra, does so no more. Reason here is considered an ailment, a disease of consciousness. For when consciousness identifies itself with understanding, at that time it suffers from the disease of reason, the chains of the intellect. By devotion and right faith the disease is overcome, and the player enters into the realm of Being.

When the player lands here he becomes swatch — clear, pure, transparent. The doubts that assailed him took him to purgatory and irreligiosity. But from those experiences he gained an understanding of the nature of sudharma. He has developed good tendencies and sanctified his life. He has dwelt on the planes of fragrance and taste and is now ready to join the upward flow of energy in the fifth chakra.

This artwork beautifully captures the essence of "Clarity of Consciousness" (Swatch). At the heart of the piece is a central figure, radiating a clear light from her heart, symbolizing the purity and transparency of consciousness. Her eyes are lifted upwards in a gesture of devotion, reflecting a deep spiritual connection, while her facial expression, one of ecstasy, captures the joy and profound insight of reaching Swatch.

Surrounded by an aura of tranquility and enlightenment, the figure is set against a serene and light-filled background, emphasizing the transformative journey from the fourth to the fifth chakra. The overall composition focuses on the spiritual elevation and clarity achieved through devotion, transcending intellectual limitations and highlighting the essence of Swatch in a visually captivating manner.



Climbing from the depths of narka, a transformation starts
Clarity of consciousness, a beacon for our hearts
Swatch, the Sanskrit word, for pure and clear we strive
Dissolving doubts and shadows, where truth can come alive

Devotion lights the way, faith becomes our guide
The upward flow of energy, where spirit can confide
No longer bound by reason, this disease of the mind
Inner feelings take the lead, to help us find

From fragrance and from taste, the senses now transcend
Upward flow of energy, a journey to ascend
The doubts that held us captive, lessons learned in pain
Become the stepping stones, to wash away the stain

Swatch, a beacon shining, transparency divine
Out of Narka's darkness, a new spirit to entwine
With clarity of purpose, we rise above the fray
Man becoming Man, on a brighter, clearer day

With clarity of purpose, we rise above the fray
Man becoming Man, on a brighter, clearer day