Good company



The player who begins to follow the path of dharma in the third chakra soon begins to find himself in the company of others who are seeking to realize that which is best in themselves. Within this group, the player finds his energies raised by the affirmation that comes from knowing others are seeking the same goal. His third-chakra quest, extending his ego, takes a new turn. This positive association, this good company, is su-scmi>.

For the one who seeks to realize spiritual values within himself, su-sang usually rakes the form of an organic fellowship formed around the person and teachings of a fourth- or fifth-chakra person. Bad company usually revolves around a charismatic third-chakra leader. The player and those in his group cooperate to emulate their teacher, to incorporate what the teacher gives into their own identities.

In good company vices are not extolled. The players, with the aid of the master, serve as mirrors for each other so that both good and bad tendencies can be observed and acted upon. While conceit is the outcome of bad company, compassion develops from good company.

Good company is essential for the player. It provides him with the opportunity to grow away from old identifications in an atmosphere of trust and compassion. Vestiges of first- and second-chakra problems gradually disappear as he learns to confront and work with all aspects of his self.

Good company is the positive side of the third-chakra drive for affiliation and identification. There are no more traps to bar his way to the fourth level of the game, the plane of cosmic mind and balance.

This photorealistic depiction of "Good Company" (Su-sang-loka) features a small group of up to seven individuals, embodying the theme of third-chakra development. The scene portrays these individuals in a setting that suggests a supportive and nurturing environment, indicative of a spiritual fellowship.

Each person in the group is engaging with the others in a manner that reflects mutual support and spiritual growth. Their expressions and body language radiate serenity, understanding, and a shared journey towards higher consciousness. This peaceful environment, resembling a space for spiritual learning and fellowship, enhances the sense of communal growth and guided development.

Subtle elements within the artwork hint at the presence of a spiritual guide or mentor, further enriching the sense of progression and enlightenment. The overall atmosphere of the piece is warm and inviting, capturing the essence of trust, compassion, and communal growth on the spiritual journey.


Good company

Good company, a guiding light, on dharma's sacred quest,
Where energies take joyful flight, in fellowship confessed.

Higher values take the stage, a teacher's wisdom shared,
Organic bonds a group engage, a future to be dared.

Good company, a welcome net, where kindred spirit teams.
On dharma's path, with purpose set, a new horizon gleams,

No more traps of pride and blame, a brighter plane awaits,
The cosmic mind, a burning flame, where balance seals the gates.