Plane of action



This, the plane of action, begins the third row of the game and the exploration of the third chakra. The only desire that remains true for all times and places is the desire for fulfillment. All other desires are manifestations of that one desire: the desire for completion, for self-realization. So on whatever level the player vibrates, on that level does he seek fulfillment.

In the first and second chakras the desire was manifested as the pursuit of money and sex. In the third chakra the dominant concern becomes identification of the ego and achievement of power. First-chakra people work neither for themselves nor on themselves. They are usually employed in aiding the fulfillment of some third-chakra person. In the second chakra, desire flows in the direction of the senses, and the exploration of the sensual realm consumes the energy. It is in the third chakra that the player becomes conscious of the social and political influences on the development of his personality. Thus the player becomes self-conscious. Egotism becomes the impetus of action, as the ego seeks to extend its influence in ever-broadening circles. In this fashion karma-loka makes one face reality from a more realistic perspective. Second-chakra fantasies fall before the practicalities of the world. It is a moment of sobriety. At this point one becomes aware of the law of karma.

Each thing is in a constant state of interaction with all other things. On the level of energy, karma determines the frequency of vibration, which on the gross level is manifested as the player’s behavior patterns. Karma is the cause of the cycle of birth and rebirth. And karma alone can win for the player liberation from the cycle, creating both bondage and liberation.

Basically, the player has karmic responsibility for his self. This self can be divided into manifested and unmanifested, body and being. So there are karmas toward the body and karmas toward consciousness. Body is world: body contains all the elements of gross manifestation. So karmas toward the body are karmas toward the whole world. Consciousness is the essence of the world; so karmas toward consciousness also cover the whole world.

The "Plane of Action" (Karma-loka) artwork visually embodies the shift toward self-realization and the exploration of the third chakra. Central to the composition is a figure in a dynamic pose, representing the active pursuit of ego identification and power, a key aspect of the third chakra. This figure is encompassed by elements symbolizing social and political influences, highlighting the player's increasing self-awareness and egotism. The background is composed of complex structures and patterns, illustrating the practical realities of the world and the sobering moment of confronting these realities. Subtle representations of karma, like interconnected circles or chains, are woven into the artwork, symbolizing the law of karma and its impact on the cycle of birth, rebirth, and liberation. The artwork's overall mood is intense and focused, capturing the moment of awakening to one's karmic responsibilities toward both the manifested and unmanifested self, and the profound interconnection between personal actions and the broader cosmic landscape.



The world within, the world without, a mirror held so true,
Karmic seeds we sow, in all we say and do.

With mindful steps we tread, on this action's sacred ground,
For every choice we make, a future will resound.

Sobriety descends, a call for grounded sight,
The law of karma's wheel, begins to set things right.

Here, in karma's realm, self-consciousness awakes,
Social webs and influence, the path the player takes.