Plane of joy



Here at the end of the second row, the second plane, the second chakra, comes a feeling of deep satisfaction. The player knows he has moved away from envy, nullity, and jealousy. He is moving away from the realm of fantasy to encounter the real world, the stage of karma yoga. He does not know how soon he will reach his goal. Cosmic Consciousness, but he knows that the levels of being can be transcended, that the energy can be raised. The feeling of anticipation for his encounter with the world quickens him, and he begins to feel deeply on every level of being. There is a challenge ahead of him, but there is also the abiding satisfaction that comes with completion. One phase has ended; another is about to begin. It is at this moment of transcendence that the spirit of joy pervades his being.

He has passed the first chakra; there is no fear, no insecurity. He has completed the second chakra; he has risen above sensual desires. What lies ahead is the joyous task of karma yoga. He feels on top of himself and the world. He is fired by the spirit of the quest. The sense of time disappears. Joy is always eternal, however brief its duration. The awareness of space passes away. Joy knows no limits. But the joy cannot last forever. Soon the forces of karma begin to work, and the task of moving through the third level begins.

The "Plane of Joy" (Harsha-loka) artwork shows the feelings of elation and spiritual upliftment. The central figure is  depicted with a dynamic and expressive posture, emanating great joy and fulfillment. The features of the figure are accentuated to convey a deeper sense of contentment and eager anticipation for the journey ahead. The background is enriched with more vibrant and diverse colors, creating an atmosphere that is vivid and joyous. Additional symbols of joy and spiritual transcendence, such as soaring birds or blooming flowers, are integrated to enhance the sense of liberation and renewal. This variation amplifies the feeling of being on the cusp of new spiritual discoveries and the exhilarating sense of freedom that accompanies transcending the lower chakras and embracing the higher realms of existence.



Joy's melody takes flight, a symphony divine,
Chakra's fears dissolve, in art of life and sunshine.

The second row complete, a journey onward calls,
Envy, nullity, doubt, all left outside the walls.

Fantasies recede, replaced by grounded light,
The realm of action nears, a future burning bright.

Distractions now released, a burden lifted free,
The joyous task of karma, a path for all to see.