When the player allows his fantasies to carry him away, the resulting loss of energy can bring him to the square of jealousy — the basic secondchakra problem. Jealousy is a condition of mental imbalance resulting from suspicion and the fear of rivalry and unfaithfulness. It is a form of insanity, which troubles the mind of the self-intoxicated player. His ability to fantasize allows him to swell his ego out of all proportion. He loses the ability to distinguish between what is possible and what is. His confusion stems from his overindulgence in the fantastic.

He begins to suspect others when they fail to conform ro his own self-image. In love he is jealous and fearful of rivals. His self-doubts grow, and soon his energy is drawn back to the first chakra, where he becomes caught up in greed. Jealousy nurtured his lack of self-confidence, which bore fruit as insecurity, the basic first-chakra character trait. His lack of self-confidence also leads to self-hatred, which is then projected outward as the hatred of others.

To regain his sense of self-confidence he must reexperience the first chakra, where he can lose his insecurity and again raise his vibrations.


The artwork for "Jealousy" (Dwesh) visually interprets the emotional chaos and mental imbalance characteristic of this state. Central to the composition is a contorted, shadowed figure, representing the individual overwhelmed by jealousy. This figure's expression, filled with suspicion and fear, mirrors the mental state of jealousy, akin to a form of insanity. Surrounding the central figure are ethereal forms and distorted faces, symbolizing the overindulgence in fantasies and the resulting inflation of the ego. These forms are rendered in unsettling colors and shapes, emphasizing the confusion and the blurred line between reality and fantasy. The background transitions from vibrant to murky colors, illustrating the descent from the second chakra, associated with fantasy and overindulgence, down to the first chakra, where greed and insecurity lie. This visual journey depicts the transition from jealousy to self-doubt and insecurity. The overall mood of the artwork is tense and uneasy, effectively capturing the destructive nature of jealousy and its profound impact on the individual's perception of self and others.



When fantasies consume, and energy wanes low,
The serpent strikes again, to jealousy's dark flow.

A twisted mind it breeds, suspicion's bitter sting,
Rivalry's cruel fear, a poisoned cup to bring.

From ashes of the past, a stronger soul can rise,
With wisdom as its guide, to pierce through jealousy's lies.

For true fulfillment lies, not in a fleeting dream,
But in the strength within, where confidence can gleam.