Antariksha is the space between the physical plane, which is earth, and the celestial plane, swarga, which is heaven, the kingdom of God. This space is neither on earth nor in heaven, it is between the two planes. Neither here nor there, no-where: nullity.

Nullity is a state directly linked with the unstable negative intellect. When a player lacks awareness of the purpose of his being, feelings of meaninglessness (existential angst) and futility flow through his consciousness. He has no sense of purpose, leading him to seek out the company of his fellows. But the lack of vital energy creates such feelings of futility that he does not stay in any one place, though he dwells continually in negativity.

Nullity is a manifestation of the second chakra and the cause of inactivity, instability, and restlessness. Everything loses meaning. Nothing excites. The identification of personality is completely lost, resulting in an imbalance of the mental state. All this happens because the player lacks the energy necessary to function in the higher planes. The depletion of energy in the pursuit of sensory objects is the fundamental trap of the second chakra. The player may land in nullity after first hitting entertainment, the sensual plane, conceit, or avarice. If he comes here from the first chakra he has experienced the joys of purification and entertainment but has expended his limited energy too rapidly. Now he is confused. The goals he saw before are still there, but what is the use? What use is anything?

But nullity is not a permanent state, and soon he begins to regain his energies. He is ready to play again by the time the die comes around.

The artwork for "Nullity" (Antariksha) captures the essence of being in a state of transition and uncertainty. It features a lone figure, symbolizing an individual caught between the physical and celestial planes, neither fully in the realm of earth nor in the heavenly sphere. This transitional state is depicted as a vast, empty space filled with a gradient of grays and muted colors, representing the nebulousness and lack of vitality associated with nullity. The figure appears lost and disconnected, embodying feelings of existential angst and meaninglessness. Surrounding this figure are faint, scattered images of sensory objects, illustrating the depletion of energy in the pursuit of these transient pleasures, which leads to this state of nullity. The overall atmosphere of the artwork conveys a sense of disconnection, confusion, and instability, reflecting the lack of purpose inherent in this state, while also hinting at the potential for regaining energy and rediscovering purpose.



Between two worlds, a limbo vast and strange,
Neither earth nor heaven, a place where shadows range.

Nullity's embrace, a void where meaning fades,
Existential angst, in empty, lonely shades.

Though darkness lingers, a flicker yet remains,
The will to rise above, and break these mental chains.

For even in the void, a spark of life may dwell,
And from this empty space, a stronger soul can swell.