For a time, the player feels comfortable on the sensual plane. But soon the downward flow saps his vital energy, leaving behind feelings of emptiness and confusion. At this moment purification draws his attention. Purification is the first arrow of the game and provides the opportunity to transcend all second-chakra problems. If after passing through the first chakra he lands on purification, the player purifies himself of all first- and second-chakra problems and rises immediately to the celestial plane.

Purification always refers to an increase in the vibrational level of the being, which causes energy to flow in an upward direction. Purification can be achieved through altering the behavior of the sensory organs, the work-organs, and the normal pattern of daily existence. There are five windows in the castle of consciousness. Through these windows, the enemies (impurities) enter into the castle and attempt to destroy the king. By closing these windows, or by maintaining a proper watch, the player can keep the castle pure.

Purification of the ears is accomplished by withdrawing the power of hearing from the outside and attending to inner sounds. Purification of the eyes comes when they are closed, and all attention is focused on the third eye, at the center of the forehead just above the brow line. Purification of the tongue, the window of taste, can be attained by eliminating sweet and salty tastes from the diet. Purification of smell is done through closing the nostrils and retaining the breath in the lungs for as long as possible (this also helps develop the habit of deep, slow breathing). Rubbing ashes on the skin purifies the sense of touch, making the player immune to sensations from the epidermal nerves.

Through the process of sleep-fasting—going without sleep day and night for one day or several—the player can purify himself of inertia, dullness, drowsiness, stupidity, and ignorance. By speech-fasting—going without littering a sound for extended periods—the thought process becomes purified. Food-fasting purifies the body chemistry. In addition, going through hardships purifies the player’s personality, listening to scriptures and divinely inspired poetry purifies his inner self, humming purifies his nerves, and concentration and meditation purify both mind and body. Celibacy also is one of the methods of purification, a hard but very effective way of changing the vibrational pattern.

This version of the 'Purification' (Shuddhi) artwork focuses on the metaphor of the mind as a castle with five windows, each symbolizing a different sensory organ. This representation visually conveys the concept of purification and transition to higher consciousness.



Purification calls, a cleansing, sacred flame,
A chance to rise above, and break the downward game.

Second chakra's hold, with problems yet unknown,
But arrows point the way, to a celestial throne.

The castle gates, where enemies reside,
Closed tight by discipline, with wisdom as our guide.

Increased vibration, a frequency set free,
From lower states, to a higher destiny.