The Enriching Lifestyle Compass

What is an Enriching Lifestyle?

Enriching refers to a meaningful added value on all levels. It is the opposite of status quo and alienation.

Lifestyle is a way of living, that takes into account that we have options and a degree of autonomy to choose which way to go.

How you can lead an Enriching Lifestyle

To help you choose between various enriching options you can now use the Enriching Lifestyle Menu.
Choose the amount of points that you want to earn with enriching activities. It's better to start modest and change your habits in a durable way, than to start with lots of enthusiasm that you can not maintain.

Let's say you decide to collect 10 points per day. You can e.g. read a chapter in an inspiring book, draw a life map and listen to a friend when he shares his goals with you. This is already enough for 6 points, which you note down on the Compass that you wear, or just keep on your desk.

The advantage of wearing your Compass is that others will get curious and ask you what you are doing. Talking about the Compass and how this can enrich your lifestyle is also worth 2 points because it stimulates your commitment and it can inspire others in a positive way.

So now you already have 8 points. Drinking a cup of hot milk with cinnamon and honey and a short meditation before you go to bed add the remaining 2, so you see it's not really difficult, but you have to stay focused.

An enriching lifestyle is focused on wholeness and healing experiences, that allows you to make the most of your potential and find your best possible place in the world. Add more activities to the Menu as you discover what enriches you.

As human beings we are often distracted and lose our Selves in conflicts of all kinds: from sickness to problems at home, school or work.
We have a natural tendency to heal and be enriched. By listening to our intuition we can overcome these problems.
But in this fast moving society, and with many sources of conditioning (advertising, education,...), it is not always easy to hear the voice of our intuition.

This is why the Enriching Lifestyle Compass was developed, as an instrument to bring you back in contact with your Self, and increase the meaningful connections that you already experience, so that you can lead a richer, more satisfying life in accordance with your real needs.

Also check out some inspiring stories and the Enriching Lifestyle Menu.

How to create and wear your own Enriching Lifestyle Compass

Print out the Enriching Lifestyle Compass below (open image in new window before your print).

Fold the upper part backwards and wear it e.g. in your shirt pocket.

  • Regularly read the menu for inspiration
  • Don't forget to fill in your name and the number of the day that you are using the Compass.
    The longer you use it, the more enriching your life will become!

How to use the Enriching Lifestyle Compass

  • Count points for every activity on the menu that you do
  • Cross the numbers from 1 to 20 as you add points throughout the day
  • Write down special achievements on the back of the Compass
  • Enjoy conversations with others about your enriching activities and the Enriching Lifestyle Compass
  • Print out a new Compass per day
  • Set a minimum amount of points as target per day and try to reach that every day

The Enriching Lifestyle Compass has been tested in various circumstances with very enriching results!