About us


Garsett Larosse

Garsett Larosse is a creative professional and a pioneer in the fields of sustainability, online development, knowledge management and electronic composition. He is also a teacher, an organizer, a publisher and a project leader. He has done many amazing projects in Belgium and abroad, such as:

- Translating the State of the World report and co-founding Worldwatch Europe in 1990
- Designing the UNCED report for the Rio summit in 1992
- Working at the first ecological factory in the world (Ecover) in 1992
- Founding the first eco-house in Belgium (Ecotopia) in 1993
- Serving as the executive secretary of European Partners for the Environment (EPE) in 1993
- Advising the first eco-investment fund in Belgium in 1994
- Developing the Van Melle environmental barometer for zero emissions in 1996
- Organizing the Body & Soul health festivals (9 editions with +400 workshops)
- Creating online platforms such as Ecotopia New Media Center and WebAssistant.com
- Producing electronic music with Made with Love Productions
- Leading the TEAL-Community center project with support from Vlaanderen Circulair
- Coaching people on the art of life and yoga with his partner Fabienne Huygen

Garsett Larosse is a life artist who inspires others with his vision, passion and creativity. He is always looking for new challenges and opportunities to make a positive impact on the world.

Fabienne Huygen

Fabienne Huygen is a Belgian artist, yoga teacher, sound healer and dancer who works at Healing Earth in Rennes-les-Bains. She offers various workshops, classes and performances that combine yoga, breath, sound and movement to create harmony and vibrancy. Some of her projects include:

- Tishiana Yoga: a group yoga class that incorporates sound healing with Tibetan bowls, tuning forks and voice at Radiant Light Yoga in Wilrijk.

- Devi Massage with Healing Sound: a massage and sound healing session that uses different instruments and techniques to restore the natural frequencies of the body and energy field. Fabienne also offers sound therapy for emotional release and transformation.
- Indian Dance: a dance class that teaches the basics of classical Indian dance.
- Healing Art: a collection of paintings and drawings that express Fabienne's vision of energy, beauty and spirituality. She exhibits and sells her artworks online and offline.

Fabienne is passionate about sharing her love for art, yoga and sound with others. She believes that everything is vibration and that we can celebrate our Shakti (life force) through creative expression.