Sensual plane



This is the ninth square of the first row. Nine is a complete number, an odd number, and marks the completion of the first row. It is a ladder leading to the second level of consciousness, which begins with purification. After taking birth into the game, the player has to pass through the sensual plane before he can enter into the second level.

Kama in Sanskrit means desire, desire of any kind and every kindfor name, fame, wealth, success, family, position, accomplishment. Any kind of desire, ambition, or noble or nonnoble aim is kama. And kama is the first stage in evolution. If there were no desire there would not be any creation.

So kama-loka is a plane of desires. But since all desires have their origin in man’s sensual nature, this is known as the sensual plane. It is directly linked with ignorance, the lack of knowledge. One may come here through the mouth of the snake of ignorance or through the gradual exploration of the first chakra. Nine, a member of the family of odd numbers, signifies completion and perfection. It represents force and energy. Multiplied by any other number, it retains its identity and integrity; thus: 9x 1 =9; 9x2 = 18 = 1 + 8 = 9; 9x3 = 27 = 9; 9x4 = 36 = 9; and 9 x 23 = 207 = 9; 9 x 376 = 3,384 = 9; 9 x 280 = 7,380 = 9. There are nine gates of the body through which the vital energy, prana, leaves at the time of death: the mouth, the two nostrils, the two eyes, the two ears, the anus, and the sex organ. During a day of twentyfour hours a man breathes 21,600 times, which reduces to 9. The day contains 1,440 minutes, also reducing to 9. The normal duration of the dominance of one hemisphere or one nostril is about 900 breaths (60 x 15), reducing to 9. There are nine major nerves of the body. Nine goddesses, navdurgas. are worshipped in Hindu religion. There are 72,000 nerves in the body, called nadis. These are carriers of prana, the vital life-force, and their total also reduces to 9. There are nine planets in the solar system influencing life on planet earth, known as Navgrahas. In numerology 9 is the number of Mars, which shines in the sky with a beautiful red glitter.


The above artwork represents the 'Sensual Plane' (Kama-Loka) as described in the Vedic philosophy. This piece is a vivid portrayal of desire in its myriad forms, encapsulated within a rich and intense color palette. The central theme of desire is symbolized through diverse images, each representing aspects like name, fame, wealth, success, family, position, and accomplishment.

Integrated subtly into the artwork are symbols of the nine gates of the body, representing the routes through which vital energy, prana, exits at death. The influence of the Navgrahas, or the nine planets, is also woven into the design, highlighting their impact on life on Earth. The number nine, signifying completion, perfection, and energy, is a recurring motif, emphasizing its symbolic significance in the context of Kama-Loka.

The background includes cosmic elements, hinting at the influence of Mars, represented by its beautiful red glitter. This artwork aims to evoke the vast spectrum of human desires and their pivotal role in the journey of consciousness.

This variation intensifies the portrayal of desires through a richer array of sensual symbols, artistically representing the senses - sight, sound, taste, touch, and smell. The color palette is more vibrant, featuring deeper reds and warm tones to further accentuate the sensual theme. The nine gates of the body and the Navgrahas remain integral to the design, but with a stronger emphasis on their sensual interpretations, making the artwork pulsate with the energy of desire and vividly depicting the depth of the sensual plane in human consciousness.


This version continues to highlight the theme of sensuality, with a rich array of symbols and a vibrant color palette that vividly portrays the depth of human desires and consciousness.


This last version continues to embody the richness and depth of the sensual plane in human consciousness, with all elements artistically represented.



Kama's embrace, a world of wants and needs,
The fuel for growth, from which creation breeds.

Kama's embrace, a force both fierce and strong,
The primal urge, to which we all belong.

Kama's hold, a yearning deep within,
For name and fame, a web where souls begin.

Ambition's flame, or noble goals we seek,
All find their root, in what the senses speak.