Positive intellect


Subuddbi is right understanding, which comes only after reaching the plane of reality. After the player reaches satya-loka he attains perfect nondual consciousness and perceives the Divine in all phenomena. Nondual consciousness is real subuddbi.

As long as the player is in the body, intellect plays its part. It discriminates, distinguishes, and evaluates. In the seventh chakra these value judgments no longer relate to the outside world but turn inward to discern the player’s own inner reality. Each judgment produces a change in body chemistry. These states are known as feelings.

When the player reaches Cosmic Consciousness his symbol, the ring (which is his body), loses importance. But until the sixty-eighth square is reached, the four faculties of consciousness — buddhi, manas, chitta, and ahamkara — keep working. Ahamkara in its negative phase becomes egotism. Buddhi also assumes positive and negative forms. Chitta remains in constant action and interaction with the three gunas.

Before reaching the plane of reality, buddhi does not become a selfexisting phenomenon, and this is true for ahamkara as well. After the experience of samadhi in the seventh chakra, and the realization that comes from direct experience of the noumenon, buddhi starts analyzing and categorizing the experience. Here the direction can be either positive or negative.

The positive way of vibrating, subuddhi, is achieved by following the path of dharma, the source of the arrow that ends here. Positive intellect joined to the flow of the player’s dharma are two of the most potent tools in the game to aid the player in his quest for liberation.


This artwork beautifully illustrates the concept of Positive Intellect (subuddhi) through the tangible example of a spiritual ecovillage. It symbolizes the application of profound understanding and spiritual principles in creating sustainable and harmonious living spaces.

The scene captures the essence of subuddhi as nondual consciousness, manifesting in the design and layout of the ecovillage. The village is composed of eco-friendly buildings, communal spaces, and lush gardens, all designed with mindfulness and respect for nature. Elements like renewable energy sources are integrated, showcasing a commitment to sustainability and environmental stewardship.

Central to the composition is the figure of a player with perfect nondual consciousness, perhaps overseeing or actively engaging in the life of the ecovillage. This figure represents the positive application of intellect in creating sustainable, peaceful communities that align with spiritual and environmental values.

The colors and overall composition of the artwork evoke a sense of harmony, sustainability, and spiritual connection. It reflects the transformative power of positive intellect in practical, real-world applications, highlighting how spiritual principles can be effectively integrated into community living and environmental conservation.

Overall, the artwork serves as a visual representation of how Positive Intellect can be utilized to create living spaces that are not only environmentally sustainable but also spiritually enriching, embodying the ideals of harmony, community, and mindful living.


Satya's light, a truth unbound, unveils the sacred plan,
Subuddhi's wisdom, newly found, within the inner man.

Nondual sight, a perfect view, the Divine in every form,
Duality fades, skies turn blue, released from mental storm.

The body's temple, thoughts refined, no longer outward bound,
Discernment seeks a peace of mind, a truth that can be found.

Each judgment stirs a chemical dance, a symphony within,
Emotions flow, a vibrant trance, where feelings can begin.