The feeling of separateness brought about by taking birth creates a craving for fulfillment. In order to function in the world, the player must first make certain his physical needs are met. In order to join the game the player must eat, have a place to rest, and have clothing to wear. Material survival is the primary concern in the first chakra.

Greed arises when the player confuses his sense of unfulfillment with the need for material survival. Having attained the basic necessities of life, he still feels empty. All he has learned is how to maintain his physical existence. So he employs these basic survival skills to acquire more and more material belongings in the hope of fulfilling himself.

The more he acquires, the deeper his compulsion becomes. His sense of emptiness reaches the level of panic as his actions become increasingly desperate. The legend of King Midas and his touch of gold is a classic Western tale of the consequences of greed. This craving for material success is also the root cause of all military conquest.

Greed comes from insecurity, and insecurity from misidentification of Self. When a player does not believe in God, he does not believe in providence. Greed is the rail-end of the snake of jealousy. Greed makes a player short-sighted. He does not realize that greed is ultimately pointless. In the end, all material possessions are left behind, whether willingly or by the intercession of death. But greed can prove an asset in spiritual growth if one becomes greedy for spiritual experiences, knowledge, and love.

The player who falls into greed also opens the gates to maya, anger, and all other first-chakra problems.

Four is symbolized as a square representing the four dimensions, the four directions. It symbolizes the earth element. As a member of the family of even numbers, 4 tends toward completion. The impetus for completion, carried to its extreme on the material plane, becomes greed. In numerology, the number 4 is ruled by mbit, the north node of the moon, also known as the Dragon’s 1 lead. In western numerology, 4 is ruled by Uranus. In occultism, it is always written as 4-1 and as such is considered to be related to the sun as well.

The artwork portrays the concept of "Greed" or "Lobh" as described in your text. At the center, there is a figure engulfed in an intense aura of desire, encapsulating the insatiable craving for material success. This figure is surrounded by an abundance of material possessions, symbolizing the excess and overindulgence characteristic of greed.

The expression of the figure is one of emptiness and desperation, highlighting the paradox of being surrounded by material wealth yet unable to find fulfillment. This imagery powerfully illustrates the internal conflict between physical needs and spiritual emptiness, emphasizing the hollowness that often accompanies materialistic pursuits.

References to the first chakra are included in the background, symbolizing the basic survival instincts and concerns that underpin the emotion of greed. Additionally, elements representing the earth element and the number four are subtly incorporated, reflecting the text's description of greed as an extreme impetus for completion on the material plane.

This visual interpretation captures the essence of greed as a manifestation of insecurity and misidentification of self. It also suggests the potential for transforming this insatiable desire into a spiritual quest, converting a craving for material possessions into a yearning for spiritual experiences, knowledge, and love. This transformation is hinted at in the artwork, offering a deeper, more introspective view of the nature of greed.



Greed's twisted game, a path that leads astray,
But channeled right, a force to light the way.

Survival's call, a primal, urgent plea,
But seeking more, a never-ending sea.

More, more we seek, a never-ending chase,
Material wealth, a hollow, empty space.

King Midas' touch, a curse in golden guise,
Greed's poison spreads, before our very eyes.